Sliding cabinets with mirrors.

When I visit a house, I try to learn a thing or two, especially space-saving techniques that they have applied. For closets, I observed that the “door” made of mirrors and make use of these drawer glides are the space saving ones, instead of the swing-open type that I am used to, and grew up with.

For kids’ furniture, I think we will opt for those bunk beds with study table or closet on its first layer, bed on the second.

Buon Giorno

My mom celebrated her birthday in Tagaytay with the whole family. So we reserved lunch and dinner long before her birthday. For dinner, we chose Buon Giorno and asked for the outdoor table with the “love seat”. Maybe I was still very full from lunch that I didn’t like the salmon that I ordered but instead liked the Quattro Formaggi pizza that my daughter ordered.

Plus, they were using paper straws for iced tea that got too damp and lanky after a couple of minutes. Not recommended for small kids who are likely to nibble on straws.

Antonio’s Tagaytay

I used to wonder why some people love steak so much, and why it is a big deal that “they had steak”… until I tried Antonio’s Tagaytay.

My mother chose to celebrate her birthday in Tagaytay. Included in our itinerary is her lunch treat to the entire family of 10 adults and 3 kids. When I was told that we’re reserved in Antonio’s, I tried looking it up on Instagram hash tags. I actually looked forward on ordering the seafood sampler. But when we got there, my husband suggested we share on a steak. He was so set on ordering a steak that I agreed.

Bowls of soup and plates of salad were served first. Even the kids were given bowls of soup first even if they just shared on one order of carbonara.

To be honest at that point, I thought I was full. So I went out to the garden to take photos of the kids as they play around.

When we got back to our table, sorbet was waiting for me, said to cleanse the palate, before the entree. And boy did it cleanse because when the steak came, it tasted so good that I had to close my eyes on my first bite and thought a tear would fall from my eyes. Hahaha.

Some of the orders on our table:

It was definitely a gastronomic experience for me. :)

Shopping for more.

I can’t understand why my brother still wants to get a preamp at musicians friend when I think his mini studio (read: his room) is almost complete. My daughter was even able to record a song there. But anyway, I am not much of a music person as he is, so I trust that he knows what he wants and what should he be buying.

In my opinion, anything he gets will be a good buy, as he and their band use them during their gigs. Now, that’s what I call return of investment. 😀

A double date.

I realized that husband and I rarely go out on real dates. We have our mini-dates, alright, but I miss those dates that we go to a nice place, and take our time to have our dinner, without rushing back to work or kids.

Well, we recently have a double date with a couple on a blind date. We played cupids for the night. And we left the kids to my sister’s, so we had enough time not to rush the night.

Next time, we’re going out on our own. 😉 😀

The perfect gift.

Hubby’s birthday is just around the corner. And I still can’t decide what to give him. Last year, he surprised me with a sterling silver bracelet for my birthday. So I want to surprise him with something as nice. But knowing him, he is happy to receive anything as long as he feels you thought much about him while deciding what gift to get him. So ok, I’ve been thinking for 3 months, and still can’t decide what to buy. I guess that should be enough huh? :mrgreen:

Dance time.

When I saw this written on my kids’ chalk board, I can’t help but smile. Too bad I saw it after she left for school. I wasn’t able to attend her dance lessons. But at the same time, it made me miss dancing. So what else to do, but dance alone for 30 minutes. It helped me burn 120 calories aka the half of rice I had earlier. Hahaha.

Taking part.

I’m so glad that natural cleaning products are now available online. It is so hard to find them in the local stores near our place. I prefer these environmentally friendly bio-based cleaning supplies that are free of harmful chemicals. Using them help reduce harmful impact on the water supply and air we breathe. This is not only because I have two small kids, but I guess this is our way of protecting our planet, and the generations to come.

Home improvements.

A friend posted a very nice frame at Instagram. I thought it’s perfect for the wall project I have in mind. Sometimes I wonder if I can make other challenging DIY home revamp projects, just like I see on Pinterest, actually using tools and making the wood projects myself instead of ordering them online. When I told this idea to my husband, he talked non stop about hinges, latches and clamps. And then on with clamping knobs, clamping levers and how much we need stainless steel clamping handles.

So I guess the home revamp project is no longer MY project, but HIS project now. 😉

…and another.

As I have shared previously here, I missed my husband’s first race. So I made sure I was there on his second (and probably all his succeeding races), at the Triman Triathlon (Tri series leg 3), held at Fontana Hot Spring Leisure Parks Resort, Clark.

It was 1k Swim – 25k Bike – 5k Run race. But this race was different as the swim part was done in a pool.

Unfortunately, I was busy taking his pictures, I didn’t watch his stuff in the transition area. Plus, we thought the things will be secured. His pair of shades was stolen!

He had to continue the race without his shades; wind and sunlight against his eyes. :(

But it’s all good.

Congratulations, dad!

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